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Wasaw Business Enterprise Unit

Wasaw Construction Ltd., Wasaw Food Services Inc., Wasaw Project Inc. and Wasaw Developments Ltd., are all separate, incorporated businesses. The Board composition for all of the Business Enterprises is identical for each corporation.


The Board of Directors


Brent Tookenay

A Couchiching First Nation member, Brent Tookenay is Executive Director of the Seven Generations Education Institute which serves the seven Fort Frances area First Nations communities. Brent formerly served on Heron Landing Golf Course and has worked for the Rainy River District School Board. He is also very involved in minor and junior hockey and has helped Couchiching with the Borderland Thunder hockey team.

Gilbert Perreault
Vice President

Co-owner / operator of Chester Fried Chicken at the Couchiching Convenience Complex, a thriving gas station and large convenience store which he helps to manage, Gilbert Perreault is a Couchiching First Nation member. He has firsthand experience in local tourism services and still guides American fishermen & tourists within Couchiching First Nation’s traditional territory.

Eugene McPherson
Secretary / Treasurer

Eugene McPherson is involved in Emergency services and works for a Tribal Council as Fire Prevention Officer. He is a long-standing member of the different iterations of Economic Development Committees in Couchiching First Nation. Mr. McPherson is also on the Rainy River Future Development Corporation board, serving on their Investment Committee.

Connie Foster
Board of Directors

Owner of Constant Trucking, a successful forestry operation, Connie Foster also sits on the Board of Directors for Wasaw Businesses. Ms. Foster has a very strong administrative background, working as the Registrar for Seven Generations Education Institute. Connie is a member of Couchiching First Nation and is well-regarded as an entrepreneur and business leader.

Kathi Tucker
Board of Directors

Co-owner of Don Tucker Ltd. a successful forestry operation, Kathi Tucker also sits on the Board of Directors for Wasaw Businesses. Kathi has a strong business finance background and understanding of the forestry industry and the local business community. Ms. Tucker is a member of Couchiching First Nation and is well-regarded in the business community as a business leader.


Primary Contact

Ron Archie, Chief Operating Officer
(807) 276-1300


Wasaw Offices

The Wasaw Enterprises offices, as well as Couchiching First Nation’s Economic Development office, are situated in the Couchiching Bingo Palace, located just off of Highway 11 east of Fort Frances. A very successful venture, the Couchiching Bingo Palace is also home to a canteen and the well appointed kitchens of Wasaw Food Services catering.

Telephone: (807) 274-9276:
Ext 201 - Misty Perreault, Special Projects Intern
Ext 202 - Allan Yerxa, Land and Resources Coordinator
Ext 203 - Ron Archie, Chief Operating Officer
Ext 205 - Christine Jourdain, Economic Development
Ext 207 - The Boardroom, Wasaw Businesses
Ext 209 - Wasaw Kitchen / Bingo Hall Canteen


Couchiching First Nation

One of 28 Treaty 3 communities, Couchiching First Nation is located at the heart of the meeting place for the Grand Council Treaty #3, Couchiching Falls.

The falls are now the site of a Canadian / US Port of Entry, via the International Bridge, connecting Fort Frances, Ontario and International Falls, in Minnesota’s Koochiching County. Fort Frances and CFN are in Ontario’s Rainy River District.

Couchiching First Nation is composed of almost 6,425 hectares of land adjacent to Fort Frances and is the largest land-holder on Rainy Lake, which is an international waterway. The community has a resident population of about 710 people with more than 400 members living in the Rainy River District, many having homes and families in Fort Frances, Ontario. The total population of CFN is just under 2,500 members.

Couchiching First Nation is governed by a Chief and Council, who are the shareholders of Wasaw Enterprises.
Learn more about our community at: www.couchichingfirstnation.com

Head Office

Mailing Address:
Wasaw Enterprise
P.O. Box 352
320 Harry's Rd.
Fort Frances, ON
P9A 3M7

Office: (807) 274-9276

Office Hours

Mon-Thurs : 8:30AM - 4:30PM